Mobius strip

I have long been fascinated by the properties of the mobius strip.

If you haven’t come across this before just take a strip of paper and make it into a loop with a single twist. You now have a piece of paper with only one surface!

Try cutting it in half down the centre line. If that doesn’t impress you try cutting it along a line one third of the way across.

M strip theft

Having decided to carve one in cherry, I had to work out how to do it. The answer was to first carve a perfect donut.

I did this by turning something akin to a wheel barrow wheel on a pole lathe and then finishing the inside with gouges. I checked all the dimensions against a semi circular template and finished the surface with fine sandpaper.

M strip donut

I was able to use the template to mark out the internal and external circumferences and from this draw a line which went right round the donut with a single twist, finishing where it started. Parallel lines 1cm either side of this line were then drawn in.

It was then a relatively simple matter to remove material working to these lines to achieve the final twisting shape.

The final touch was to finish with 400 grit sandpaper and apply oil.

I was quite pleased with the final result.

Having seen some of M C Escher’s drawings based on the mobius strip I am quite tempted to develop this theme but that might be a step too far.

130917__00651 (2).jpg

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