Who is the Hardingstone Carver?


This site started as a 70th birthday present from my nephew who says that he is trying to drag me, “kicking and screaming”, into the 21st century. So here goes!

After a working life that included spells in the army, social work, making canoes in a worker’s cooperative, teaching and finally working as a farm labourer I retired.

My wife had given me a set of carving chisels, so where to start?

I was very fortunate to come across Mike Painter, a professional carver and teacher,  who has work in Windsor Castle, The Palace of Westminster and the V&A, to name but a few.

I approached him to learn how to sharpen chisels. He suggested a day course, and I have been attending regularly ever since. Without his help I doubt if this hobby would have lasted very long and I certainly would not have achieved the results that I have.”

The purpose of this site (according to my nephew) is to chronicle examples of my work, methods used, mistakes made, problems overcome and leave some sort of record for my grandchildren.

I hope you like it.